Ebony Walden Consulting serves non-profit and government leaders that are passionate about building thriving and inclusive communities. I use common sense strategies to help organizations strengthen their capacity to implement their vision, engage a broad sector of the community and achieve greater impact.

I believe the following elements are essential in the work of building sustainable communities:


I believe in the ability of human beings to come up with solutions to the problems that face their neighborhoods, communities and cities. Together we can come up with new ideas that build on past successes and learn from mistakes. I will provide the creative space, tools and strategies that help residents, stakeholders and policy makers think outside of the box, prototype new ideas and become incubators for innovation. Art, technology, good questions, thought provoking activities and focused discussions are just a few ways I will keep you engaged.


I keep equity and inclusion at the forefront of my work and I want to help my clients do the same. I assist organizations and communities in creating space for a diversity of voices to be heard, incorporated and at the forefront of leading change (not an afterthought). I’ll help you devise culturally appropriate and responsive strategies for engagement and implementation.


Not all actions are equal in their effectiveness and impact. Changemakers and the organizations they lead have limited time and resources. Therefore, I work with clients to identify the essential elements of their vision and move toward it with both intention and precision in their governance, funding, partnerships, services and project/program implementation.


Bringing together a diverse array of stakeholders to move toward collective action for greater impact is the ultimate goal. I’d like to take our clients from simply collaborating to co-creative partnerships, coalition building and planning processes that transform communities.