“Its obvious that Ebony puts a lot of preparation into her work but she also allows room for creativity and growth to flow in the retreats and sessions that she facilitates. Ebony’s style is warm and welcoming while also having great skill at keeping groups focused and on task.”

– Andrew Terry, Pastor, St. Peters Episcopal Church

Ebony Walden Consulting can provide dynamic facilitation services for your next public meeting, strategic plan or board retreat. I’ll support your organization in moving to the next level. I engage my clients, challenge them, coach them, and invite them to map out their future success. Of course, my services can be scaled and crafted to meet the needs of your group.  Whatever the case, your team will be moved toward change that matters.

I specialize in facilitating community meetingsstrategic plans, staff and board retreats for government, non-profit and church groups involved in community development.


Having the community shape your future plans, projects and programs is the key to greater ownership and impact. I work with you and your stakeholders to develop dynamic and inclusive engagement strategies. We can go beyond the typical town hall and into the community. I’ve led everything from “pop-up meetings” on neighborhood corners, to corridor canvassing, in person (even hopped on buses) and online surveys as well as engagement at food, arts and entertainment events. Together we will design meetings that foster collaboration, spark innovative solutions and support relationship building. I specialize in engagement around land use, urban planning, housing and community development projects. 

Ebony facilitated Charlottesville’s Neighborhood Leadership Institute (NLI), a program designed to empower local citizens to become effectively involved in their neighborhoods and communities.  She was able to turn NLI into a dynamic and inclusive experience for local residents. Her efforts resulted in a new class of citizen leaders that were not shy in working for community change.”

-Jim Tolbert, AICP, Assistant City Manager, City of Sandy Springs (Former Director of Neighborhood Development Services in Charlottesville, Va)


The word facilitate means to make an action or process easier. With over a decade of facilitation experience, I can run meetings, retreats and a wide range of projects with ease. I’ll pave the way for your staff or leadership team to participate fully while providing an outside voice that will help bring clarity, focus and fun to the process. I work with teams and organizations to facilitate meetings, workshops and teambuilding activities. 


Every so often changemakers must take a step back, contemplate the trajectory of their work and get specific about the kind of impact they want to have. A good strategic planning process can help take the best of those hopes and intentions and create a roadmap to making them a reality. I use a variety of techniques and creative processes to help organizations articulate a clear vision of where to go, how to get there, who should be involved and what resources are needed. 


Sometimes leaders need help in bringing their great ideas or visions into reality. I can provide strategic thinking, coaching and project management services in the development and implementation of community development projects, initiatives and programs. Together we can move from start to finish. 


Your process, project and impact can be better if we work together.